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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis

You know what the downside of e-readers are? Buying amazing books and then forgetting you have them. Without a physical reminder, it's hard to know what I've got on my e-shelf and I've been making a concerted effort to go through my e-piles and get caught up. And NOT A DROP TO DRINK is one such book. I've had this book on my e-reader for over a year but completely forgot about it until just recently. And that is a bit of a tragedy because NOT A DROP TO DRINK is one heck of a read. Mindy McGinnis has crafted a very evocative story with a very sparing writing style that is perfectly suited to the dystopian frontier that is life in this book.

Written in the third person, NOT A DROP TO DRINK is Lynn's story. A teenager who's grown up with only her mother for human contact, Lynn has had a hard life. In a world where water is worth more than gold, she and her mother guard their pond ruthlessly. Lynn killed her first man before puberty and has a more-than-healthy distrust of strangers, training her mother instilled Lynn's whole life. Their day-to-day existence is challenging and arduous but also incredibly black and white. Lynn's worldview is forced to change when she's confronted with a series of crippling obstacles, including armed strangers, approaching winter, and desperate coyotes. The novel's very dystopian in some ways but it's also got a real frontier vibe, which completely captivated me.

It's hard to talk about the characters in the book, or Lynn's growth as a person, without spoiling key plot points so I'll make this post short. To wrap it up, I'll tell you that this is one of the most cleverly written, satisfying books that I've read in a while and that Mindy McGinnis is now on my Must Buy list. Check out the excerpt below and you'll be hooked!

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  1. I haven't read this yet, although I do have it in my library. I actually print out the book covers and blurbs of each book I have on my eReader (not review books, but the ones I buy.) It takes a bit of time and attention, but I like flipping through those printouts and deciding what to read.

  2. OOOh nice review! I bought this one last year but haven't read it yet! I read a few good reviews on it right around that time and I was intrigued and B&N gave me a coupon1 ;) So it was a no-brainer!

    Glad to hear that it was interesting and intriguing! Hope to read it someday soon myself! Great review!

  3. I am most definitely going to have to get a copy of this book. The cover is haunting, and the entirety of the story sounds really engaging.

    I have the same problem with books on my Nook. It is the only downside I have seen so far, after using only physical books for 24 years. I downloaded The Book Thief back in January, and totally forgot I had it until I swiped through my library last night. I love my Nook GlowLight, but I lose track of my books. I will need to make a list or something.

    Happy Reading! xoxo


  4. That's really clever! I may have to start doing that :)

  5. thanks, Jessica! I hope you'll enjoy it when you find time to give it a shot. :)

  6. Thanks for commenting, A.P.! I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one with this problem.