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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Fire Seer and Her Quradum by Amy Raby

Taya and Mandir have worked through their old grudge in the previous novel and are slowly building a relationship together. Still new and fragile, their new found love will be put to the test when Mandir is sent to his old home and Taya insist on accompanying him.  She is NOT ready for what awaits her. Will their blooming romance hold to the test?

I am extremely lucky to serve as a Beta reader for Amy and she makes things so easy for me. It's the third or fourth book I've read for her, and I haven't found a single mistake yet. The coalition mages series might be self-published, but it's just as (if not more) polished as the next traditionally published book.

The first book in the series, The Fire Seer, introduced a rich fantasy world with an original lore involving three Goddesses. Now that we are fully emerged in this culture, Raby focuses her story-telling on the character's psychology, their developing romance and a very surprising murder investigation. The story really flows nicely and the rhythm is very natural.

I think my favorite aspect about the novel is how Raby wisely chose to show us how Mandir grew-up. In the previous book she told us, but this time we get to witness first hand the violence and the depravity the poor guy had to deal with as a kid. It was truly shocking, and it really allowed the reader (and  Taya) to really understand how Mandir tics.

Taya served as an anchor for Mandir in this novel and I really appreciated it. She supported him the best she could, without judgment and full of compassion. An ordinary girl would've run away, but Taya is not ordinary. And she will risk her own neck not to save only him, but also other victims of Mandir's father. Truly commendable.

The murder investigation was really great. There were multiple possible culprit and the hunt for clues was very engrossing. I loved that it was not predictable and that i discovered the culprit, and his motive, alongside the main characters.

I really enjoyed The Fire Seer and Her Quradum and I am definitely awaiting the next novel. I wonder how the new addition to Taya and Mandir's traveling group will affect their journey and if those characters are temporary friends or long term additions.

I strongly suggest you give this oriental flavored fantasy story a try. I bet you won't be disappointed!


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