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Monday, April 27, 2015

Half Wild by Sally Green

This sequel has surpassed my expectations. I wasn't overly pleased with the first book of the series, Half Bad, so honestly my expectations weren't very high. But I caved and gave this one a shot. I'm glad this series is getting better, however, I've definitely read better books. Nathan is still the protagonist of the story and he's still on the run from the Council of white witches and their Hunters. Things are far more interesting now that he has come into his Gift, and he's learning how to control it. With some old and new allies, Nathan continues to avoid and survive the white witches.

It's interesting to see a new love interest develop. It was totally unexpected but I'm definitely on board with it. I had a difficult time with Annelise, Nathan's love interest in book one, so I'm actually overjoyed that there's something else going on, in terms of love interest. My problem with Annelise was that she was simply too boring, and there was no spark between her and Nathan. Although, throughout a good part of this book, Nathan's goal is to save Annelise, I'm not convinced that it's out of love. I think it's more out of duty because he feels responsible for her being held captive. Anyways, I'm pretty sure many readers will be surprised with this new development and I think it was well plotted by the author. I usually hate love triangles with a passion but for some reason this one works!

I'm glad we see more of Marcus, Nathan's father. Obviously not the best father figure for a young man, Marcus still somewhat has a positive influence on Nathan. Who wouldn't want to spend time with their father after being apart for most of their lives? Even though Marcus may not be the best role model, Nathan does find new allies and new people to look up to. Being out in the wild suits Nathan but I think he has come to learn that he doesn't have to be alone, and accepting help isn't the worse possible fate.

There is definitely a plot change in this sequel. In Half Bad, the story was basically Nathan against the world of white witches. Now we realize that the conflict is bigger than Nathan, and Nathan isn't the only one demanding change. I don't want to reveal too much about the plot because I think readers are better off reading it straight from the source. It feels like this series went from a superhero's origin story in book one, to a hero's quest in book two. The change in plot is absolutely positive and it definitely makes things more intriguing.

The ending of this book is killer and I'm really looking forward to the last book of this trilogy. To the readers that were doubtful, like me, after reading book one, I say give this one a try. The line between Black and White is definitely grey and Sally Green has created a wonderful story to question morality and righteousness.

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  1. Glad to hear that this one is better than the first, as I was on the fence about picking it up. Thanks for a great review, as now I really want to see what happens next!

  2. They are pretty amazing aren't they!?

  3. Out of the two, I honestly prefer this sequel. Feels like the story is getting bigger and everything is far more interesting. Don't give up on the series yet!