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Friday, May 01, 2015

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

Sydney finally accepted to open her heart to Adrian but with her sister now in Palm Spring, it's even more challenging to hide her illicit activities. Romance isn't her only point of interest though, She's working on a new ink to stop Alchemist from brain-washing people, and she's helping create a sort of vaccine that would prevent strigoi from turning damphirs and morois against their will. All in all, she's pretty busy!

I really started to like Sydney in the last book, The Indigo Spell, and now I love her even more. She gets really involved in dangerous situations and will face every challenge thrown her way with her head held high. And really, I just love to see her with Adrian. It's weird because they are sooo different from each other, but they work perfectly together.

Adrian is simply great as usual. We really see a better and more determined side to him and I admired him for his determination. He still has his witty self available when needed, but he lets his mask down most of the time. Sydney has really been good to him.

Plot wise, things gets really busy, really quickly and I don't know how Sydney can manage it all. I'm sure her name is written as definition for 'Superwoman' in the dictionary. Things are pretty action packed with a 'vacation' at court, a blizzard, a strigoi fight and some alchemist action. One thing is sure, you won't be bored.

The conclusion is simply a killer and I am terribly grateful I didn't read this novel as soon as it was released because I would've died because of the wait for sure. I have the next novel handy, and I plan on starting to read it tonight.

Bloodlines has not replaced the original Vampire Academy series in my heart, but now it feels more and more like it's own series instead of a half-decent attempt to repeat a success (ok that's a harsh image, but I wasn't sold at first!)


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  1. I still have to read this series..Wait I have to start it lol..But I'm just so glad Adrian is in it. Love him!

  2. Adrian is pretty great! He matures a lot in this series