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Friday, June 05, 2015

Azagoth by Larissa Ione

Azagoth has been Heaven's Starbuck for centuries and he has had enough. He won't 'fuck' anymore unwilling angels, he wants a mate of his own and he wants his potential kids to grow by his side. Quite reasonable right? But how do you go about meeting one's mate when you can't leave Sheoul-Gra? You blackmail Heaven of course! So that's how Lilianna found herself with a bad and a worst choice. She is being punished for a grave offense and was volunteered to be Azagoth's mate, or loose her time-travel abilities (which isn't an option). All of this happens in the first couple of pages and set the table for an amazing read!

I loved how Azagoth went to great extremes to make her welcome and comfortable, even though he has no idea how to go about it. He wants this relationship to work, and gives her time to assimilate everything. He is actually being quite sweet in his own grumpy, almost-evil ways. His struggles were really touching and I LOVED learning more about him. His troubled past, his mistakes, his secrets desires, all are revealed in good times and it was moving.

Lilianna is smart and desperate to make the best of this difficult situation, but she never imagined Azagoth would be that way. I admired her wits and her conscience. She wasn't damning Azagoth without seeing for herself, even though it would've been very easy, and she warms up to him in time.

The best part is the banter and teasing between the two. I loved how Lilianna wanted to annoy him, yet it would have the opposite effect on Azagoth. I loved how she made mistakes and is doing her best to make it up to him.

Really, my only complaint about this novella is exactly that, it's a novella! I really wished it was a full length novel! It's a great novella: there is enough character development and a good storyline, but I loved the characters so much that I wanted more. More details, more twists, just more! I couldn't get enough.

I definitely suggest you read this novella!


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