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Monday, July 27, 2015

My Sunny Vampire by Stacy McKitrick

Since I've been travelling for the last couple of weeks, I needed a fun and easy read on my kindle and this is the book that I came upon. It was exactly what I was looking for and I'm glad to have met these vampires.

Jack and Sunshine are the main focus of this book and we first meet them in a alley where Jack is waking up and can't remember how he got there. What's more, he can't remember anything about the lovely young woman next to him who is in the midst of becoming a vampire. Since she looks like his late wife, he questions whether he's the one that turned her, but since it's illegal to turn someone into a vampire without their consent and the permission of the Committee, he really wishes he could remember what happened the night before.

Sunshine wakes up in the midst of becoming a vampire with no recollection of how she got there either. As she slowly comes to terms with her new status, she is also learning how to control her vampire powers and how to survive in this new world. Her transition isn't made easy as Jack tries his best to help her but can't seem to find the right way to explain everything. Their instant sexual attraction doesn't make things easy since it makes Jack forget to tell her a few (important) things.

Their burgeoning relationship is fun to read, if not a little bit unrealistic, since everything seems to happen really fast. You don't tell a guy or a girl that you love them after less than one week of meeting them! But for the sake of fiction, if you go along with it, Sunshine and Jack are a fun couple to read about. As they investigate their loss in memory that fateful night, secrets begin to unravel and Sunshine doesn't know if she should trust Jack anymore.

In this book, Stacy McKitrick hasn't reinvented vampires but she has put her own spin on vampire hierarchy. The Committee, the body of vampire that govern vampires and sets up rules, really makes sense. Honestly, their rules are realistic, such as a mortal can not be changed without his or her consent and the mortal needs to be educated prior to the change. What makes this book interesting is the fact Jack actually works for the Committee as a judge of sorts. Not having any recollection of the night Sunshine was turned really bothers him because he has no clue whether he changed her illegally or if he was set up to be punished by his own Committee.

Overall, My Sunny Vampire is a fun and fast read. Honestly, there's nothing exceptional about the book but it did keep me entertained with its fun and steamy scenes. The fun characters really do make this book interesting and if you're in the mood for an amusing paranormal romance, this book might be a good pick.

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