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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ticker by Lisa Mantchev

When the leading lady of a story is said to be 'heartbroken', we take this to mean she has suffered a tremendous emotional disappointment.  Alas, if it were only so for Penny Farthing, for she had literally  become heartbroken in that her human heart failed her.  Due to the resourcefulness of her dead sister's fiancé, she was given a second chance only, this heart has likelihood of becoming broken as well.  It's a race against time for Penny at a time when her greatest benefactor is in serious trouble.

This is were Ticker by Lisa Mantchev starts us out with the story of Penny.  She takes us on a journey through Penny's world from the view of the plucky young lady who never seems to slow down until forced to by her own body.  Constantly harassed by her brother, Nic,  and her friends to slow down and take better care of herself.  We also, eventually get to see what price Penny's antics put on her closest allies like her family an her friend Violet.  I got the impression of a young woman still discovering her place in the world and how she can effect it.

Effect it she does.  Not the she goes out looking for trouble.  It seems to find her  when she needs it least of all.  A case could be made that this story is filled with oft used tropes.  Maybe so but, I always felt that the real test for readability was not the unique nature of  the story.  It's in how well the story is told and how entertaining it is to the reader.  I think Ticker hits both of these points well.  This is the closest I've come lately to a well told steampunk story.  A tiny bit more There's a fair bit of violence and the romantic interactions are very Victorian in nature so, I would give this one a PG13 rating and wouldn't hesitate recommending this to my own 14 year old to read.

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