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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Captive: A Guard's Tale From Malachi's Perspective by Sarah Fine

Captive is a novella that fits in between Sanctum and Fractured in the Guards of the Shadowlands series by Sarah Fine.  If you haven't started the series yet, you can access reviews by clicking on the titles.

Novellas that fit between books in a series can so easily go one of two ways:  they can help fill in blanks and advance the story, or they can simply be recaps of events from a different character's perspective.  Captive fits in the latter category.  That is NOT to say that it's not worth reading!  Captive is from Malachi's perspective, and anyone who's read Sanctum was probably left (like me) wanting MORE MORE MORE Malachi.  This novella is like an appetizer for that desire; it gives the reader a little more Malachi... just enough to leave me wanting even more!  I haven't yet read Fractured, but I'm even more anxious to after reading Captive.

The novella explores Malachi's thoughts and feelings when Lela is brought into his Guardhouse.  I loved the descriptive language Sarah Fine uses; how Malachi notices even the smallest things about her, like her smell and her strength.  It definitely serves to humanize him, as the smell of the sea on Lela takes him back to vacations that his family would take to the Adriatic, and how protective he is of her, right from the start.  I appreciate how Fine respects her readers' intelligence, and doesn't shove facts in our faces, but through Malachi's thoughts and emotions we also learn a little more about how he came to be where he is, and even more about his fellow Guard, Ana.

I definitely recommend Captive to fans of Sanctum (and I recommend Sanctum if you haven't read it yet)!

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  1. I'm a BIG fan of Sarah Fine. I'm now reading the Servants of Fate series and this series is next in my list. Thanks for the review Marie :)

  2. I've yet to read this series but the whole concept of the Shadowlands sounds good.

  3. 23 pages. Very, very short. :)
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