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Monday, September 28, 2015

Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton

Every Janet Evanovich book I've read has managed to make me laugh out loud at some point or another and this one is no exception. Wicked Charms is full of hilarious, I-can't-believe-that-happened moments and is your typical Evanovich novel. This book was way overdue since the previous one in this series was published four years prior. Most of the time, I find it difficult to read a book from a series if it has been years since I've read the previous book. However, reading Wicked Charms was effortless and ultimately a really good idea.

For a reason I ignore, Janet Evanovich co-wrote this book with Phoef Sutton but I honestly, didn't see much difference in the writing. Lizzy and Diesel are still trying to "save the world" by finding the SALIGLIA stones, the stones of the seven deadly sins. The unlikely pair also have other teammates that help them from time to time, like Glo, the wannabe witch and Carl, the monkey. Although Lizzy wishes she could live an ordinary life, nothing is ordinary when it comes to living in the Salem area. Especially when she has the special ability that enables her to sense objects of magical powers.

Her ability to sense these items is the reason why Diesel originally demanded her help, but now I like to believe that she's the reason he keeps coming back. They're obviously attracted to one another but apparently if two people with magical powers sleep together, one of them will lose their ability. Lizzy doesn't want to risk Diesel losing his powers because that would mean being stuck with saving the world on her own. Diesel hesitates because he's obviously comfortable with his special abilities and it would be the end of everything for him if he were to lose them. Diesel's abilities are a little bit of a mystery. We don't know the exact extent of his powers but I like the fact that as readers, we don't know everything about him. Actually, we know very little about him. I really hope we get to learn more about the organization Diesel seems to be working for. It's not very clear why he's searching for the stones, and exactly where he keeps the other two that they found, but I'm anxious to find out more about his intentions.

As for Lizzy, except for her special ability, she's actually a very normal person. A pastry chef in a small bakery, one of her aspirations is to publish her cookbook in order to make more money and fix up the historic house she inherited from her great-aunt. She drives a beat-up car and has a one-eyed cat named Cat. So pretty normal, despite the special powers and the saving the world bit.

In this book, Diesel has a lead on the stone of Avarice. Unfortunately many other people are searching for it too. Obviously, Diesel's cousin Wulf is after the stone since he's after all of them for his own selfish reasons. There's also a billionaire that thinks he's a demon who wants the stone for evil purposes. A few other players in the hunt are trying to get to the stone first for fame and fortune. And so, the treasure hunt for the lost stone becomes a race and Lizzy is stuck in the middle, simply trying to survive. However, she's a key player in the race since she's one of the two people that can sense and find the stone.

I really like this series because the books are all easy and short to read. The entertainment factor is always very high. Personally, I just need a fun book that will make me laugh from time to time and Evanovich is one of my go to authors for books full of hilarity and incredible scenes. Fans of Evanovich should obviously read this book, but if you're new to her books, I definitely recommend checking out this series, starting with Wicked Appetite.

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