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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Divergent by Veronica Roth

A young person who has the feeling of not quite fitting in.  Not even at home does this person feel comfortable or truly accepted.  Then comes a crucial moment where one decision could lead to fulfillment or even worse disappointment and failure.  Beatrice finds herself in just that moment as this story begins.

This is one of those stories that is primarily character driven.  Many may say that with all that is going on around Beatrice, or Tris as she is later named, that it is plot focused.  This book spent a great deal of time defining the main character and her change from Beatrice to Tris.  Along with Tris, we get learn about her family and fellow initiates.  It is the initiates where we start to get a feeling for not only who they are but, who Tris is as well as who she is becoming.  I will admit, there are some archetypes that border on stereotypes in this book.  Most of those are clearly for plot development and don't require real character development so, I tend to overlook them.

Ordinarily, I like to have, as I put it, texture in a story.  I like the author to pain a picture with words that gives me texture, smell and sound so I can feel the world of the book.  This book does not do that because, it does not need to.  It's one of those exceptions that makes the rule.  The lack of these stimuli tends to highlight some of the bleaker parts of the narrative and help the reader stay focused on what is important: the characters.  That said, we do get a feel for Tris' world as well as an understanding how it has helped shape her outlook as well as those around her.

While this is a character driven story, that doesn't mean it is bereft of story.  It has a modern take on a few tropes we've seen in the past but, they are handled well for the most part.  I won't go into the twist and turns that comes with this type of social/political intrigue because that's where much of the entertainment is.

Though these are not new ideas for a story, in Divergent by Veronica Roth they are brought together in a way to make an engaging tale.  It is a thought provoking tale that I would recommend for anybody high school age and above.  There is violence in it but, none that is glorified which in my mind earns it a PG13.


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