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Monday, November 30, 2015

Winter by Marissa Meyer


WINTER is here!

What an amazing conclusion to an epic series! WINTER is the book I've been waiting for all year and it didn't disappoint. With over 800 pages, it did take me a few weeks to complete, but it was definitely worth it. With The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer has created a wonderful futuristic world and each novel is a reimagining of a well known fairytale. WINTER is slightly based off Snow White but this is definitely not the typical Disney fairy tale. It has spaceships, a revolution, an epic battle scene, a deadly plague and so much more. Of course it does have princesses, a king and a queen, and you can expect some romance but it's definitely not  your grandmother's fairy tales.

Marissa Meyer's futuristic and sci-fi world couldn't be more perfect, in my opinion. I think the main reason why her series is such a success is because of her attention to detail while creating this world and her characters. While Winter isn't my favourite character, her craziness does add something interesting to the story. Raised on Luna, a colony on the Moon that is lead by a less than desirable queen, Winter is hated by her stepmother, Queen Levana. Winter's natural beauty is admired by all, and Queen Levana could only hope to be admired that way. Queen Levana's scarred face has lead her to fool every one on Luna with her glamour and never shows her true face. Levana is outright jealous of Winter and she has done everything in her power to make life miserable for her stepdaughter. Winter's refusal to use her glamour has made her a little crazy, which doesn't really help her case. However, the people of Luna still adore Winter and that makes Levana even more furious.

While the other three books of the series tell the story of one character in particular, all storylines converge into one, in WINTER. Cinder has come to Luna to gain her rightful place on Luna's throne, while Scarlet and Cress are dedicated to their friend, and helping in anyway to achieve her goal. Levana's tyrannical rule has caused pain not only on Luna but has also threatened planet Earth's survival. With the Lunar plague still a threat to everyone, Cinder has to find a way to not only overthrow Levana, but also find a way to cure the plague that has killed so many people back on Earth.

And who could forget the four girls' love interests... Kai, Wolf, Thorne and Jacin all play a major roles in the series, but I love how the author made sure the girls are always the real heroes. Sure, the boys help a lot in fighting Levana's tyrannical rule, but they are able to win every little battles because of the girls' courage. One of my favourite characters actually remains Iko, Cinder's android and best friend. The comic relief the android provides is balanced just right with everything else that happens in the series. Also, the relationship Cinder has with Iko proves how Cinder cares for each and every personality, whether human or mechanical. In my opinion, that trait is a desirable one for any Queen to have, which gives us all the more reasons to believe in Cinder.

The epic battle scene near the end of the book is the beginning to the end. It's the cumulation of every event in this series and all characters have a particular role to play. So many fans have been waiting a long time to see what happens to these characters, and personally I wasn't disappointed. Marisa Meyer has succeeded in concluding her epic series in the most epic of ways. I'm very satisfied with this series and it's a must read for anyone who enjoys YA or sci-fi in general.

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