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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sphere by Michael Crichton

Deep below the surface of the Pacific Ocean is a mystery and an enigma.  What has been waiting below the waves for hundreds of years? How did it get there and who put it there? How can the expedition deal with the answers once they're learned? These are some of the questions presented in Michael Crichton's Sphere.

While this is vintage Crichton, it is not quite the Crichton he will become in his later books.  It does, however show the promise soon realized by this master of science-fiction thrillers.  This story s a blend of real science, theory and science fiction.  While some of the science and technology doesn't age well, it does not take away from the story.  Much of the theory holds up mostly because Crichton stayed somewhat vague about it.  As far as the science fiction goes, well, it is science fiction.  It all serves the plot well.

The character make up of the expedition seem a bit like ones you have seen before.  Of course since this book was written almost 30 years ago, it is understandable.  Over the years, this type of line up has become the new archetype for this type of story.  That said, they do develop well and the reader is given time to appreciate each.  Since this is also a psychological thriller, we get to  see the characters reveal some of their most closely held secrets and weaknesses.

Sphere by Michael Crichton is a very intriguing and entertaining book that would be an excellent start for anybody who has yet to read anything by this author.  There are several others that might serve as well but, this is early in his career and can serve as an introduction to his later books.  There is a bit of violence and mild adult situations  so, I would give an easy PG13.


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  1. Sphere is a great sci-fi story, and one of Crighton's best. I find Crighton to be pretty hit-and-miss, but I consider this my favorite of his books, and one I've read more than once.