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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I want more, please! An easy to read, Young Adult fantasy novel, The Young Elites is an exceptional book. The characters, the fantasy world and the story, are all well crafted and leaves you wanting more.

The blood fever swept through the country killing thousands and leaving many children physically scarred. The scarred children, the malfettos, are seen as abominations, and are being persecuted by the Inquisition Axis. Some of these malfettos are rumoured to possess incredible powers, like controlling fire, the wind or animals. One is even rumoured to being able to bring back the dead. A few of these exceptional young adults have come together and formed a group called the Young Elites. Adelina Amouteru is only now showing the first signs of her malfetto powers, and is being sentenced to death for the murder of her father. She might be in part responsible for his death but she isn't a murderer. At least not yet. The Young Elites come sweeping in, saving her from execution, and taking her under their wing.

The Young Elites' leader happens the be rightful heir to the throne, Enzo Valenciano, but was robbed of his rightful place as king when he was outed as a malfetto. His ability to create and control fire has earned him the name Reaper and his goal is to gain his rightful place on the throne. His group of Elites are dedicated to his cause, so when they save Adelina from a certain death, she feels like she owes them her life. She becomes dedicated to her training and controlling her malfetto powers, which are dark and powerful. Some of the other elites are weary because of the nature and darkness of her powers, however, Enzo decides to train her himself, something he rarely does. They form an easy relationship. Adelina is attracted to Enzo but she knows she doesn't have a chance with a would-be-king. And since she doesn't necessarily trust the Young Elites, she is weary of everyone surrounding her.

Although I have a hard time reading books where characters have been abused, the recollection of Adelina's abusive past is necessary in order to understand the darkness that lurks inside her. Her past has not been an easy one so trusting a new group of people is difficult for her, despite her need to feel accepted. The only good thing about her past is her relationship with her sister, and when she learns her sister is being held captive by the Lead Inquisitor who sentenced Adelina to death, she is willing to do just about anything in order to save her. Yet, her guilt prevents her from totally betraying her new friends.

This is the type of book where so many things happen yet feels too short in order to be complete. The writing seemed a little rushed but honestly because the pace was so fast, it had me hooked from beginning to end. Although it was a great story, it feels like the world needs a little bit more in terms of details. Hopefully the next books will add more details and we'll learn more about this magical world Marie Lu created.

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