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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shadow Rites: A Jane Yellowrock Novel by Faith Hunter

This is a review of the 10th installment to the Jane Yellowrock series.  A thus far intriguing and exciting series that I would not want to spoil for any of you who may not be current in it.  If that is you, stop reading this and start reading the first book right away, I'm sure you'll be hooked immediately.  When you've caught up, come back and read up on what's new with Jane.

The Big Cat is back!  Along with her partners Eli and Alex  and so many of her friends and acquaintances that we have grown to know and appreciate.  Still in the Big Easy and still Enforcer for Leo Pellissier and getting ready for the big meeting between witches and vampires.  The only problem is, two witches decide to visit Jane early and leave a mystery in their wake.

When it comes to stories about anything fantastical or paranormal in the U.S., it's hard to beat a New Orleans for the setting.  It is a city rich in cultures and the histories that surround them.  Faith Hunter makes good use of this setting every time she brings back to visit with Jane.  In this book, as well as the others, her use of scenery enhances the mood either by matching it or by contrast.  Well appointed offices, posh parlors and smelly swamps all do their parts to lull the reader into false security or to put the reader on guard for the next beastly attack.

One of the traps for a series of this depth is the possibility of a lack of growth in the characters.  At ten books into the series, the Jane Yellowrock series does not have that problem.  Jane herself continues to have enough mystique in both her future and her past that we may yet see a great deal more of her in books to come.  Her compatriots get similar treatment.  We still don't know much of Eli Younger's past and Alex Younger might be a future that bears watching.

The plot and pacing themselves are somewhat familiar but, don't feel forced or formulaic.  We have general ideas that conflicts will happen and resolutions reached.  Thing is, it may not happen in the order you expect.  Some resolutions may be from books past some conflicts remain in place.  Much like real life, you don't know when things will settle down.

Shadow Rites: A Jane Yellowrock Novel by Faith Hunter  maintains and actually boosts the momentum initiated by the previous installments of this series. Very entertaining though it lands comfortably in the PG13 rating for me.  There's very little in the way of language but, the violence and mature situations keep it there.

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  1. Excellent overall coverage of this installment in the Jane Yellowrock series and no spoilers. Thanks for posting this review. I'll be sharing it.

  2. Enjoyed the review, Thanks!

  3. Nice to see the male perspective! Very thorough review and very perceptive.