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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Downfall of the Gods by K. J. Parker

What if you did a really bad thing and wanted absolution from the deity of your choice.  You might go to the local temple of said deity and pray for forgiveness and make offerings.  But, what if that deity suddenly appeared to you and denied you petition in person, how could one possibly react?

That is the opening to the very unique tale in Downfall of the Gods by K. J. Parker.  Lord Archias seeks out forgiveness and redemption of his soul only to be turned down flat by the goddess he was praying to.  Instead, they reach an arrangement that leads to adventure.

From the very beginning of this book I was struck by one thing:  this is a narrative written with little embellishment or physical detail and yet the tale remains compelling.  My first reaction was that it was very much like a more mature version of a Roald Dahl book.  Elements like location, scene or time were given sparingly and only when crucial to the plot.  It was a more plain spoken and direct interpretation of a story that allows the reader to paint their own picture.

Not only were scenery and setting  given in Spartan measure, the characters were likewise not over-done.  We get very little in the way of physical description and only start off with just a bit more about who the characters are in this world.  What we do get is excellent character development of our central characters.  With a narrative that is this short and bereft of window dressing the author seems to have banked on the motivation of the characters.  I have to say, it pays off very well.

Downfall of the Gods  is raw yet entertaining storytelling.  This book proves that, though helpful, a good story does not require dramatic scenery to create drama.  I do have to rate this a PG13 due to some of the language and some mature subject matter discussed in the story.



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