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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Rose Society by Marie Lu

As far as YA books go, this one is pretty intense. While it isn't as good as the first book, this sequel is non-stop action, character driven and very dark.

Curiously, as much as I loved and sympathized for the main character, Adelina, at the beginning of the story, I really don't agree with some of the decisions she's made throughout the course of the novel. Her revenge has driven her into making some of the worse mistakes in her life, and while she thinks she's doing the right thing, clearly she's on the wrong path. She has some pretty dark thoughts and I wonder if they're really coming from her, or from an ominous source.  I really hope she can redeem herself in the next book, because since reading the last scene, I kind of hate her. I know hate is a strong word but the fear and the power she uses to control people is definitely something I disagree with. Her Elite power to create illusions isn't just something useful. It has now become her weapon, and ultimately, I think it will be her demise.

Cast out by the Dagger Society in the previous book, Adelina searches for new allies. When thieves and mercenaries start following her, it's clear Adelina is going in for a fight. At first she's determined to free the malfettos of Kenettra, those children, like herself, marked by the blood fever. But her goal to save those that can't protect themselves turns into something more. Along the way, she sets her sight on something bigger, the throne and the crown jewels of Kenettra. Of her new followers, Magiano is one of the new characters that I really enjoy. He's probably one of my favourite characters of the book since he's probably the only one that stays genuine to the end. He still remains a mystery, but one thing he's unable to hide is his feelings for Adelina. He clearly cares for her, though she's blind to it.

Since the fall of their leader, the Daggers have allied themselves to the new Queen of Beldain who's ultimate goal is probably to usurp Kenattra. The Daggers and Adelina may want the same thing, but unable to forgive, they fight a common enemy while also fighting each other. As much as I liked Raffaele in the previous book, in this one he's uninspiring and lost. I think, ultimately, all the characters at this point of the series, are lost.

This series is not for the faint of heart and is better suited for an older Young Adult audience. The story in general is pretty dark and the author clearly isn't afraid of killing off some of the key characters. The final battle of the book is riveting, dramatic and a blood bath. So many things happen in this book and I've done a poor job of gathering all my thoughts together. While I really enjoyed The Rose Society, I feel like I need to read the next book before I recommend this series to anyone.

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  1. Yes, very dark. I do not like the place that Adelina is in right now. Scary.

  2. Oooh nice! I'm hearing all sorts of comments on how dark this one gets. I still need to read it myself but I'm looking forward to it. It's rare to have a read from a more villain like character. Nice review!

  3. I really hope she can shake this darkness...