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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Calamity: The Reckoners Book 3 by Brandon Sanderson

This is the review for Calamity: The Reckoners Book 3 by Brandon Sanderson.  This is, obviously, the third book in this series and this review will likely contain spoilers.  If you have not yet read, though plant read, this series, read Steeheart and start the journey.  Otherwise, please continue to read!

At the end of Firefight, the second book in the series, we were left with a much damaged band of Reckoners.  The cell that was in charge of the city Babilar (formerly known as New York City) is nearly annihilated and the one-time patriarch, founder, leader of all the Reckoners, and father-figure to David, Prof , has let the darkness of Calamity take him over.  Also taken out was the Epic Regalia who was in control of Babilar.  Final count, Prof is gone, Megan is on the Reckoner's side and the Reckoners are on the run.

The series up to this point has been action packed and full of twists and turns.  This installment is no different.  We start off with the new leader of the remaining crew, David.  Yes, the kid who was barely allowed to join after pulling a dangerous stunt to get their notice, now runs the operation.  We get a good idea how that happened as time goes on.  David uses his leadership to keep the Reckoners and the story going.  Brandon Sanderson has always been a master at pacing and it really shows in this series and especially in this book.

One thing a reader can usually look forward to in a book sequel is character growth and that is exactly what we get this time.  Not only do we witness David's growth within the group but also with him as an individual.  David isn't the only one who grows.  We actually get some good looks into the lives and motivations of some of the others like Abraham, Cody and Megan.

Calamity: The Reckoners Book 3 is a very exciting and entertaining book that could be used to round out this series.  I think Mr. Sanderson hinted or outright said so but, I can see a way he could keep things going if he chose to.  This is marketed as a YA book and I would give it a PG13 due to it's violence.  There's no really objectionable language or mature content to worry about.

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