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Friday, May 20, 2016

Best Online Stores For Cheap Quality Books by Tim Kopp

** This post is in association with Tim Kopp, written by the man himself. **

Best Online Stores For Cheap Quality Books

gpWhen you are looking to buy a book, Amazon is often the first place to look. However, they don’t have everything.  In a situation where you can’t find the exact book you are looking for, you are left with trying your hands at the local bookstores or giving up the search. Not anymore!
Here are some online stores you can count on to deliver where Amazon has failed.

Better World Books

You can count on them for your eBooks, fiction and nonfiction.   This online shop also gives you a chance to contribute towards a good cause. When you make a purchase, a book is donated to someone that needs it.  You can find books on everything from health to business to using PayPal for playing online chance games. Their eDelivery feature is equally very useful as it means you could have any physical book scanned and sent to you in a digital format within a few hours.


This is where you should look for textbooks and digital textbooks.  The store aims at helping as many people as possible to save money on textbooks. They have a very flexible rental programme that allows you to get the best of the books.  You can find books with ISBN as standard but many students will appreciate the school search feature that lists books required for certain courses at your college and/or university.


This is the home of hard-to-find titles and textbooks. The company runs a standard buying and selling operation but doesn’t stop there. It has a vast network of Independent sellers making it a hot bed for books that have been out of print for years.  The rental option here allows you to return rentals for a complete refund within 21 days. The books should however be kept in reasonable condition.


This is another great place to look for rare books and niche topics. The company takes pride in being a one-stop shop for true bibliophiles. You will find collections put together by independent booksellers.  Most of the sellers focus on specific niche interests, rare books and antiquarian books. You can search for books through titles and authors and you can equally browse by seller.

Books A Million

The company operates a popular retail chain so it isn’t surprising that the online arm is as great as it is. This is the place to be for your new books and eBooks including bestsellers. They also offer great bargains on pre-orders. It is a hot choice for addicted eReaders as you are sure of getting that hot title almost immediately it hits the shelves.


This is another great option for finding your textbooks.  The rental process is some of the best in the industry.  You have several options for extensions and your rental fee can count towards the cost of the book if you elect to make buy, days down the line.  Returning of books is equally straightforward as there are several drop-off options.

Your search for important books should no longer end on Amazon!

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