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Monday, May 16, 2016

Reader Abduction by Eve Langlais

I've been hooked to this series, ever since I started reading it about a year ago. Curiously, I haven't read anything else by Eve Langlais, besides this series. I think it's the hot purple aliens that keep me coming back for more. This novella is the seventh in the series, and although it's not my favorite of the series, it was still a fun and enjoyable read.

Eve Langlais took a different approach with this story. Instead of your typical Alien Abduction, like in her past stories, her story actually opens at Romancing The Capital 2016, an actual romance book convention that took place a few weeks ago. The story is written from Brigitte's point of view, a romance reader who has helped Eve Langlais organize the convention. Little does Brigitte know, Eve has been in contact with real purple aliens in order to pawn off some of her readers as suitable mates to the purple mercenaries. I don't think I'm a big fan of this twist. Eve Langlais makes a personal cameo in the the book, along with some other romance writers who probably attended the convention (name dropping?). I find the whole concept a bit strange. I do find it fitting, however, since I personally attended Book Expo America, but there were no purple aliens there (not that I'm aware of), so it's very good timing.

Brigitte has been a huge fan on Eve Langlais' Alien Abduction series too, and when this purple hunk appears at RTC, she thinks it's all part of the show, a paid actor playing a good role. She soon realizes that she and 11 other single females are being abducted for real to be sold off as mates to purple aliens. I wish we could have gotten to know more about Brigitte and her alien, Phyr. The lack in character development makes the story go by fast but lack in detail. Your typical Eve Langlais banter between characters is definitely present, but I wish we could have gotten more of everything.

I wouldn't recommend this series based on this book alone. It's by far my least favorite of the series even though it was a fun and easy read. The characters were fun but lacked substance. The scenes were steamy by lacked emotion. I think, overall, story lacked information and detail. Even the sex scenes seemed rushed. If the author ever publishes an eighth book, I will definitely check it out but hopefully the author will go back to her original form.

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