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Monday, May 09, 2016

The Crown by Kiera Cass

The Crown is the last book of this series, and while it isn't the greatest ending, I think it gives us better closure than the third book (the series was originally meant to be a trilogy). I've never really been a big fan of this series. I've always felt like the writing was immature and the character were never the greatest, but I've always been curious about the story. Almost like you can't help but slow down and look at the car crash.

Eadlyn Schreave is the heir to the throne of Illéa, the country that was once USA, Canada and Mexico (yes, I know, unrealistic and will never happen). She was born to rule, and although she knew she would eventually have to choose a suitor to help her do so, she never thought she would be force to choose someone so quickly. The selection was meant to help her find a husband, but for Eadlyn, it just seems to have made things more complicated. She's forced to go on awkward dates, to keep her country apprised on the progress of the selection, all while running the country as her father, the King, temporarily steps down to take care of her sick mother. She was able to it cut down to the top six quite easily, but she still hesitates to give her heart out to anyone. Raised to one day be ruler, she has always kept her feelings to herself, which is making it difficult to find someone to love.

Personally, I'm disappointed in final book of this series. Eadlyn fell short as a main character in the previous book and I thought she would redeem herself in this one. Her suitors also felt flat. There wasn't any real connection between them. She does end up falling in love with the most unlikely boy, but it doesn't feel real. I feel like it happened too quickly, like there isn't anything holding them together except a few awkward moments and a few stolen kisses. I actually thought there was a better connection with another boy but she dismissed him completely, actually banning him from the palace.

My favorite scene is near the end, the one between Eadlyn and her father, King Maxon. I think it's the most touching and insightful scene of the book. For once, Eadlyn shows some real emotion and finally gathers her courage to make a decision for her happiness, not just because it's the right choice for her country. I admire her for following her heart for once. I also admire the major decision she makes for the future of her country. It might be an unconventional choice in a time of turmoil, but ultimately, I think she did the right choice.

This series has been fun for the most part, but it's definitely not my favorite. More conflict, more struggles and better a execution would have been necessary in order to make it great. After five books, the writing and the characters still feel immature and unpolished. I love Eadlyn's final speech, and I think it's a good ending to a mediocre series, but ultimately, I regret having invested so much time in this series.

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