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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Icon (The Persona Sequence Book 2) by Genevieve Valentine

This is the second book in this series.  In my review, I may reveal plot points or other items of significant meaning in the plot of the first book.  Those things also known as spoilers.  If you have not started but may have the desire to read this series, don't read this review just yet.  Check out Persona by Genevieve Valentine and then come back and finish this review.

Icon by Genevieve Valentine is story filled with action and political intrigue.  This is the second book in the Persona Sequence.  Set in a dystopian society where the Cult of Personality reigns supreme this series is a study in what it would be like if 'reality TV' where to get too close to politics.  Not as though that could ever happen.

The main character, Suyana Sapaki, gains quite a bit of notoriety, not to mention political clout, from surviving an assassination attempt.  She accomplished that with the assistance of a reporter. The  connection between the two seems to be a bit incomplete, at least as far as one party is concerned.

With this book, I accidentally broke one of my cardinal rules: Never start in the middle of a series especially when it there is plot that lasts through the whole series.  This books makes it particularly difficult  to do this since it rarely treads over old territory from the first book.  This makes tracking the progression of the main characters tricky.  It also hinders the significance of new characters.

The description of the setting was a little less than I would like.  Not only does it breathe a little life into the story but, it can also give a bit of context to those who haven't read the first book or even those who did but need little reminders of some aspects.

Icon by Genevieve Valentine is a very unique vision of political science fiction that could open up this sub-genre of story telling.  It is a more mature read.


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