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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Claiming by Jayne Faith and Christine Castle

I was quite disappointed with this fourth and final book of the Sapient Salvation series. What started off as a good story in book one and two, turned into a mediocre and predictable ending. I felt rushed throughout the book and like I was being led nowhere.

The characters, while we see emotions control most of their actions, never mature or evolve. Maya remains the innocent and timid girl we met in the beginning. While the authors would have us believe she has grown into a fierce woman with her interest in BDSM, it all seems fake and forced. Maya's interest in whips and floggers are simply to please Lord Toric and I just can't see it. Maya is too much of a submissive herself to dominate Lord Toric, the way he needs to be dominated. If the roles were reverse, I think I would believe that so much more, but as it stands, it just doesn't feel authentic. We never really see much in terms of bed play since the book is aimed more for the young adult and new adult crowds, but in my opinion, what's the point in brining up BDSM if you shy away from vanilla sex?

The whole series has been about the Calistan return to Earthenfell. The prophecy says that the time is near, however, as Lord Toric begins the steps for the return, the High Priestess is suddenly against him. For someone who truly believes in the prophecy, Lord Toric is quick to dismiss the leader of his faith, the one who is supposed to guide him through the process. For an alien race who is so advanced technologically and intellectually, you would think faith would be secondary instead of ruling their actions and emotions. In Lord Toric's case, his love for Maya is more important than his faith and while he still follows the steps of the prophecy, he is quick to dismiss everything else about his faith. For a leader to reject almost everything in the divine books, you have to wonder how his subjects will react to this. Personally, I'm not a religious or spiritual person, but the way everything played out with the prophecy and the Calistan faith, it's not right. You can't pick and choose what you like and ignore what you don't like.

I'm glad the characters did get their happily ever after. Lord Toric and Maya love each other, and even though they seem like the oddest couple, it's nice that love can triumph through difficult times. As I said, I was disappointed with the conclusion of this series. I think I was expecting something bigger and grander but it's almost as if the authors simply took the easy way out. My expectations were too high, but I'm glad I got to finish the series and that everything ends positively.

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