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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Reclamation by Thorn Osgood

The world as Corilan knows it is dying and taking humankind with it.  This is the ultimate ending to the series of disappointments that is her life along with trouble at work that required her to move her home and her problems with her family.  She gains only small comfort from the one place she could always expect it, the voice that only she can hear, the one calls Innerme.  What can old family ties and voices from the past do help Corilan?  Can they help others?

This is the beginning Reclamation by Thorn Osgood.  It is the first book in the dystopian series The Ancestral Guidance Saga.  This is a story with a wealth of science fiction, paranormal occurrences and some social and societal commentary for good measure. It is all presented in a style that tries for something between high fantasy and science fiction.

The problem with the story is not in the story itself.  The premise is really a unique take on some familiar elements.  I do not want to get in to the premise too much too avoid spoilers but, I do like the more orginal direction this story starts to take the reader.  The problem comes in the way the story is presented.

This book gives some of the best and worst examples of the show don't tell concept.  The problems arises with lackluster descriptions whether from the characters or the narrator.  This yet another example of the need for texture in scenery. Giving monochrome visuals can help sell the idea of a world bereft of vibrant colors but, intensifying the others senses is a good way to bring the reader into the story.  The narrative is further let down by dialog that looks like it was written by a middle school kid trying get good marks for proper grammar.  It's just not the way people really talk and takes the reader out of the story further with each conversation.

The Reclamation by Thorn Osgood is a book with lofty goals and a unique perspective.  It is unfortunately in need of text that seems like something more that just, well, text.

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