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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rosemary and Rue: An October Daye Novel, Book 1 by Seanan McGuire

Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moon beams home in a jar or would you rather be a......well, I wouldn't finish that question around Ms. October Daye.  It would be just plain rude considering what happens to her at the hands of a pure blood of the Fae.  As bad as that was, she has an even greater concerns in the here and now from some of those same Fae creatures.

Rosemary and Rue is cornucopia of mythological creatures and their quirks all found in and around San Francisco.  We are taken on a tour of the darker parts of the city and meet some of its denizens that are often much more than they appear to be in the light of day (or often even the dark of night.

We get to meet October (Toby) and some of her friends in this the first book of the series.  The problem I had was, we met so many more of her acquaintances and creatures she was familiar with.   It may be that I am so accustom to series like Harry Potter, Dresden Files or Jane Yellowrock where introductions are made on a more limited basis.  It gives me a chance to absorb the new paradigm the author is presenting in the world they are creating.  I am more than willing to believe it's just me and one of my more narrow ways but, if you are trying this series out for the first time, be prepared to meet what feels like the whole family.



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