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Monday, November 21, 2016

A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray

A Million Worlds With You is the the third and final book of the Firebird trilogy. I got hooked on this series a couple years ago and I finally got around to finishing the trilogy. Quite honestly, I was a little disappointed in the conclusion but the actual story was still gripping and exciting. I love the idea of corporate conspiracy through different dimensions and Claudia Gray delivers an intense man hunt through different worlds. She also delivers a touching love story that spans through different universes, uniting Marguerite and Paul time and time again.

Marguerite is chasing after another version of herself, a broken and angry Marguerite that is willing to destroy other worlds to achieve the ultimate goal of saving her sister. But the main Marguerite, the narrator of the book, can't justify destroying other worlds, killing billions of people to save the life of only one person. The only way Marguerite can save these other worlds is by travelling to these different dimensions, save her other selves, and neutralize the plan threatening those dimensions. Marguerite not only travels to different dimensions, but she also finds herself in different places like a futuristic London, a primitive Roman civilization, an antiquated Egypt, a space station, a soviet Russia and many other. Honestly, I love reading about all these different worlds. It's almost like reading short stories, mini adventures that fit into a much larger one.

What I love the most about the book is Marguerite and Paul. Their lives seem intertwined in all the universes they visit, which proves to Marguerite that there's a force uniting them time and time again. Their love literally span dimensions, however, her version of Paul isn't convinced that they're meant to be together. His soul was actually fractured into many pieces, and although Marguerite was able to put him back together, he still feels broken and unfit for Marguerite's love. Their relationship might be complicated, but it's also a captivating one. I love the small intimate moments they have together and you can't help but hope for the best for these two.

The main issue I've had with this series is the use of the Firebird, the device that lets the holder travel through dimensions. The author sort of explains the idea behind dimension jumping but doesn't fully describe the actual device. She doesn't say if it has buttons or a digital display to let you know which world you might have entered. It seems that Marguerite takes a chance every time she jumps dimensions that she'll end up in the right one and we don't really know how she manipulates the Firebird to accomplish the jump. I'm a very visual person so I always enjoy descriptions. It seems the author took the easy way out and chose the least scientific character and made her the narrator. Everyone one else seem to be science geniuses but Marguerite blanks whenever they try to explain anything "too complicated for her artistic brain." I'm sure if she took the time to learn she would understand, but I guess for the sake of fiction, Marguerite ignore the math and the science bits.

I highly recommend this series to anyone that enjoys a thrilling science fiction story. However, a fair warning: the novels can't be read on their own. They really need to be read one after the other. Because each novel spills into the next one, I would actually recommend reading them one after the other. Nothing better than binge reading a great series!


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