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Friday, April 28, 2017

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole

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Reading level: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Paperback : 248 pages
Publisher: Valkyrie Press
Release date: February 27th, 2017
Series: The Dacians #2 & Immortals After Dark #17


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In this scorching Immortals After Dark/Dacian novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole brings together a wicked vampire prince used to getting everything he desires and a demon warrior who always felt like an outcast.

Prince Mirceo Daciano and his new friend, Caspion the Tracker, comb the streets of Dacia, drunkenly seeking out pleasures of the flesh. In what should have been a typical night, they coax a bevy of nymphs to bed. To impress their females, the demon and the vampire kiss on a dare.

Once they finally break away from their soul-searing kiss, they find themselves alone--and shaken. Had they imagined their explosive chemistry? Obstacles--ranging from a death sentence to exile in a war-torn dimension--threaten to destroy their lives . . . and the vulnerable promise in that one kiss.

Even if Mirceo accepts Caspion as his fated mate, the seductive vampire still must convince the stubborn demon that their bond is forever. And any royal Dacian union must receive the blessing of King Lothaire, an unpredictable and savage killer. . . .
Mirceo is the youngest male royal in the Dacia family and has always counted on his charms to get him whatever he wanted and when he meets Caspion, a self-destructive depressed demon, he finally finds a run for his money. They are suchs opposite and despite that, they become great friends. And yet, Mirceo wants more. Will he succeed?

Shadow's Seduction sit somewhere between a short story and a full length novel and I wish it were actually a full novel. I understand though, with the book being m&m, that Kresley Cole decided to make it a short non-mandatory story within the overall Immortals After Dark story arc. Not everyone is willing to read male to male romance and I have to admit it was a first for me. I've never been incline to pick up such book before but since I love this series so much I decided to give it a shot. Did I enjoy it? yes. Will I pick up more books from this genre? Probably not, unless it's part of a series I already love.

The reason why I wish it were a full length novel is because I felt things were rushed at time. The shory started VERY abruptly with Caspion and Mirceo being at the same brothel and all of a sudden, totally randomly, Mirceo is entranced by Caspion and decided he wanted to have him (Mirceo is bi, but Caspion is straight). It really felt completely out of blue because of the lack on context, and background story. You literally jump right into that scene and it's how everything starts. You then fast forward to how they eventually became good friends but you don't witness it, and I honestly wish we did. Eventually it gets better and we live events right by their sides, and Cole is usually really good at getting you engrossed in a story and I think the shortness of this novella is what limited Cole in developing those events.

I really loved their stories though with how eccentric Mirceo is, how volatile his actions are but how dedicated he is to Caspion and how determined he is to prove him he can be the man he needs. Whereas Caspion is living in total denial of his growing feelings for Mirceo. He does not what to be gay (or bi) and exiles himself for hundreds or years hoping it'll go away. He grows hard, stubborn and hateful and at some point Mirceo's good mood rubs on him and everything changes. Their life-altering courtship was really great and I wish we got to see more of them when they finally committed to each other.

Reading this novella I thought the next book would be about Bettina because of events taking place and I was really surprise to see the story is about two completely different characters. Hopefully we will find out what happens to her (or maybe we already did in a past novel and I forgot??).

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this story and I would recommend it. If you are homophobic then this might not be the book for you. There are graphic scenes of sex between two male in this novel.

Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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